Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fat Animal Alert

So to those of you who may not know this about me yet, I love fat animals. The fatter, the better. (Graham and Judy, if you're reading this, the fact that I like your cat Arthur does not mean he's fat--I promise that I admire him for his personality and photogenic qualities).

So deep is my love for fat animals--and, really, all cute animals everywhere--that I have dedicated an entire pinterest board to them. Friends regularly send me links and emails with news about fat animals (thanks to Mandy Paust for this recent gem!) From walruses to manatees, I had seen all that the world and the internet has to offer.

Or so I thought.

Today Nod and I went to the Sydney Aquarium where I encountered....Dugongs! Dugongs, ladies and gentlemen, are smaller, more agile and petite manatees. These gentle "Ladies of the Sea" (as Dugong translates to from Malay) are the origin of mermaid myths, and boy, is it easy to see why these grazing beauties would inspire legends. We watched one munch a bundle of romaine lettuce off the aquarium sea floor today and then gently coast through the waters as sting rays and tropical fish flitted back and forth. The sight was majestic to behold. Isn't she beautiful? (By the way, click on those links above, people. These are amazing).

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  1. Oh I wanted to swim with the manatees in Florida! So cute. Thanks for the walrus video and OMG quokka's, so cute! After seeing the photos my roommate, Jacob, said I demand a video of the quokkas now. :)